Case Study


Lender led restructuring under IDW S 6

Principal Lenders and Private Equity
Type Lender-led restructuring
Industry Temporary Buildings
Turnover EUR 250mln
Tasks CRO & PMO Service 70 m€ restructuring plan EBITDA and Cash improvement Reporting & Stakeholder
Duration 3,5 Years


Leadership in lender-led restructuring

  • CRO and PMO of a 70m€ extensive restructuring program with 13 initiatives across 26 entities in Germany, Netherlands, USA, UK, China, Hungary, MEA and France
  • Validation and detailing of initiatives, effects, cost and business plan
  • Stabilisation of the group during restructuring and COVID
  • Plant restructuring and consolidation in France, Germany and Hungary
  • Product portfolio optimisation and innovation management to ignite top-line growth and margin expansion

Silvio Stockmann


Outperformance on business plan despite COVID, waiver of IDW S 6 obligations, EBITDA Growth from -5 m€ to +20 m€