Case Study

Value Creation

Buy-and-Build strategy execution and EBITDA expansion program

Principal Single Family Office
Type Deal Sourcing & Strategy
Industry Payment solutions
Turnover EUR 10mln Equity
Tasks Buy&Build execuition & PMI
Duration 4 years
Services Internationalisation Margin expansion and growth


Setup of an EUR 50 M PE investment in the central bank market through Buy-and-Build in Asia, Eastern Europe and Latin-America

  • Member of the Board and Advisor to the family to develop an existing anchor investment through buy-and-build, operational integration and organic growth
  • Execution of 3 acquisitions in Chile (Carve-out), Slovakia (Carve-out), Costa Rica (JV) and Malaysia (JV) from DD to onboarding
  • Systematic integration of acquisitions to form one group and company, operational value creation plan for transformation and expedited growth and EBITDA margin expansion (sales push, cost leadership, productivity excellence)
  • Increase of operational performance by 50% and reduction of unit costs by 25%, setup of a recurring business in Asia with central banks through an agency network and tender response

Silvio Stockmann


Turnover growth from 10 Mio. to 50 Mio. EUR with significant margin expansion to 24% EBITDA, Exit to a PE with MOC >3