Case Study


IDW S 6 Turnaround Restructuring

Principal Lenders and Shareholders
Type Distressed Investment
Industry Steel and iron foundries
Turnover EUR 250mln
Tasks CRO, PMO / CFO ad interim Implementation IDW S 6 Restructuring plan & M&A EBITDA and Cash improvement
Duration 2 Years


Stabilisation and restructuring of the group until the turnaround

  • Group functions as CRO and PMO to restructure the group under IDW S 6
  • CFO ad interim to implement new reporting system and corporate governance
  • Cromprehensive 16m€ transformation program with 19 initiatives across eight subsidiaries in Germany, Poland, and Hungary
  • M&A to acquire new shareholders for debt restructuring and turnaround
  • Stablilisation of the group during COVID and rising commodity prices
  • Leading operational and strategic turnaround of operating companies through revision and
  • Substantial improvement in EBITDA (Margin expansion and volume) and cash flow

Silvio Stockmann


Organic topline growth by 57%, EBITDA growth by factor 3,2 with margin expansion, EAT Break-Even, Waiver for CRO requirement