Case Study

Value Creation

Public to Private valuation for PE Buyout fund

Principal Dutch PE
Type P2P buyout
Industry Tech
Turnover EUR 350mln
Tasks P2P buyout evaluation
Duration <1 year
Services Valuation Risks and Recommendation


Thorough evaluation and analysis of stocklisted company for buy or not to buy decision

  • Full review of all historic financial reports, credit agencies, merger reports, IB reports, audit reports, securities fillings and media, including social media
  • Thorough analysis on IFRS vs. HGB statements and inconsistencies especially as to accounting practices, irregularities and major deviations in reporting and accounting method variances and DPR announcements
  • Identification of major restructuring risks, hidden restructuring cost and assumed cost of a complete takeover / taking private (vs. current trading)
  • Valuation of business parts and their risks/ hidden restructuring cost

Silvio Stockmann


Negative recommendation to the Investment Committee (negative purchase price) as major red flags on hidden cost and accounting irregularities emerged. Instead, partial buyout of on performing business unit